His Weight in Intrigue

Fizzton's Folly

The Way Things Truly Began

The Adventurer’s were blocked at the gates of Abbey Street, for apparently a vicious murder was discovered and the local security head declared that the street had to be put on lockdown until investigators could be found. Well, the party decides to investigate, and find out that the rumors of beasts were true, as they get attacked by a group of lizards.

Rose finds tracks suggesting that the lizards came out of the sewers and so they decide to ask for money from Fizzton for this work. He agrees to a fee of 600gp as well as some small healing potions, and so the party tracks and searches. This was after Fizzton gave a note to a tiefling to deliver to the guards, though Rose was suspicious. En route, the party finds some men in the sewers who attacks them and after some rough battling the party binds their wounds and continues.

Rose and Trivk successfully navigate a trapped chamber and prepare an ambush for the folks on the other side, to include the Tiefling from earlier, with Rose aiming but failing to strike a Tiefling from hiding, and Trivk swinging from a hanging to breath fire upon a cage of lizards to prevent them from taking part in the combat. This battle was rough, and Trivk was downed in the middle of the fighting, only for him to spit out some blood and glare his way back to health. The tiefling was finally taken down by the enraged Rose.

With the party in heavy spirits and wounds, they sat and talked. Zanril snapped back at Rose for a snappish remark, who shrugged at the tone, but apologized for mistrusting someone who’d helped save her life on a few occasions that day. They swapped stories, and slept, ready to plan for how to contend with Fizzton in the morning.



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