His Weight in Intrigue

How things Began

A strange encounter

Trivk and his companion the minotaur Zanril were asked to retrieve a jeweled box that was supposedly stolen from a caravan. It took them several days of travel, but they finally reached the final resting point of the caravan. Several dead bodies were around the wreckage, and strangely only ONE box was open!

Before they could search, the party was attacked by bullywugs and their hawk companions. The battle was rough and violent, but the pair came out on top. The party captured one of the bullywugs and searched the wreckage and discovered that the one open box was a jewelry case with a broken open tube. However, Trivk’s trained eye recognized a simple deception and found a hidden compartment.

Inside of the hidden compartment was a second tube, which the rogue skillfully opened without triggering the venom trap. Inside the tube was a tiny vial, which the Minotaur recognized as being filled with Lloth’s Tooth, a very virulent poison. It appeared that their client, wanted them to return the poison, but didn’t count on it being discovered.

After some discussion, the party decided to sneak their captive back into Goldton, for Trivk refused to kill a helpless foe much to Zanril’s chagrin. However, to disguise the bullywug, they gathered up female clothing and have dressed it as a prostitute. So now, the party travels back to Goldton to find a place to hide the poison, until they can figure out what to do.



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