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The Continent of Psia is separated into six unique territories, which are known as The Remaining Nations. Each is run by a separate government and has a different purpose.

House Rules

  1. Character Creation is done using the Standard Score Array (16,14,13,12,11,10)
  2. Any, non-psionic class is allowed (PHB 1,2)
  3. Only races from PHB 1 and 2 are allowed. Keep It Simple.
  4. Less a rule, but play what you like. I will modify the campaign to fit.
  5. Submit a 3×3x3 (Basic description of 3 allies, 3 contacts, and 3 enemies/rivals. Allies – Friends who will help you without question. Contacts – Associates who can supply info/quests/items for a cost. Enemies/Rivals – People who either hate you or want to see you shown your “proper place”.) This isn’t required, but will net you personalized storylines and can be done later as you figure your character out.

Places Visited


“This won’t last long, first game i’m probably going to kill us all trying to sneak attack firebreath in a room full of gunpowder” -Hypo

Main Page

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